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Imagine a lady sitting quietly in Patriots Park. It’s Memorial Day and she’s holding a picture as she listens to Chaplain “Gordy” Sherven. Now imagine the picture is of her brother, Major George Quamo. Then learning he died in Vietnam on April 14, 1968.

Major Quamo’ s loss is immeasurable. Yet she’s justifiably proud of him. On December 31, 1974, he would receive the posthumous award of the Distinguished Service Cross. Our nation’s second highest award for heroism. She’s keeping her promise he never be forgotten. Gordy and others are keeping it too.

Thanks to everyone in VFW Post 8118 for your support. If there’s a reminder of just how important you are to our community, this is it.

To learn more about Major Quamo visit: Mike Himsworth, Judge Advocate, VFW District 10 (Florida). Pictured with Lowes Home Improvement Management and U.S. Veteran employees (wearing camouflaged vests).

May 31, 2022